Grote LED Whitelight™ Rubber Utility Lamp 63561


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Part Number: GR-63561 Grote Part Number: 63561 Features LED White, Spot Whitelight Rubber Utility Lamp

LED Whitelight Rubber Utility Lamp GR-63561 PRODUCT NUMBER 63561 - White, Spot Manufacturer: Grote FEATURES & BENEFITS • Rugged, flexible, shock-absorbing, weather proof housing with long-life LEDs makes this a very durable lamp • Cost effective LED lighting option is rated at 50,000 hours • LEDs utilize lower amp draw putting less load on strained electrical systems • Swivel mount • Hard wired for easy integration into current wiring system TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Material: Polycarbonate/Rubber Finish: Black Voltage Amp: 12 V - .6 AMP, 400 Lumens (63551 version) Voltage Amp: 12V- .6 AMP, 282 Lumens (63561 version) Accessory: Housing: 64930 Black Magnetic Mount: 43300 Chrome Pigtail: 67010, 67011