Grote LED Whitelight™ Recessed-Mount Dome Lamp 61261


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Part Number: GR-61261 Grote Part Number: 61261 Features White LED Whitelight Recessed-Mount Dome Lamp

LED Whitelight™ Recessed-Mount Dome Lamp GR-61261 Grote 61261 PRODUCT NUMBER HIGH OUTPUT VERSION: 61261 - White, Reduced Diode Count, NEW Manufacturer: Grote FEATURES & BENEFITS • Encapsulant potting for total circuit board protection • Robust, one-piece, aluminum housing and removable acrylic lens • Built-in, automatic thermal protection device • Operating temperatures -40° to +122°F • 61E61 includes dimming function for dome/interior lighting situations, such as ambulance applications • 61E61 is perfect for all FEMA places, and any type of area inside a vehicle that would appreciate mood lighitng and work lighting in one lamp TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Material: Aluminum/Acrylic Finish: White Voltage Amp: 61611 - 12 V - 2.16 AMP Voltage Amp: 61261 - 12 V - 1.75 AMP Voltage Amp: 61111 - 24 V - 1.0 AMP Voltage Amp: 61071- 24 V - .5 AMP Accessory: Mounting Pan: 43540 Lens: SEE LINK UNDER RELATED INFORMATION (RIGHT) FOR DIFFERENCES 94621 94631