Grote Magnetic Towing Lamp Kit 65402-4


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Magnetic Towing Lamp Kit GR-65402-4 PRODUCT NUMBER MAGNETIC TOWING LAMP KIT: 65402-4 - Red Manufacturer: Grote FEATURES & BENEFITS • Durable rubber lamp housings • Strong 40lb. mounting magnets for each lamp • Rubber adhesive magnet covers to prevent scratching of towed vehicle • Sealed 4" stop/tail/turn combination lamps • Adjustable lamp mounting for maximum visibility and safety • Durable die-cast 4 pole plug • Abrasion resistant double jacketed cable on all components TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Material: Rubber, ABS FMVSS: I, P2, S, T Finish: Black Bulb: (2) #2057, 32/2 C.P. Voltage Amp: 12 V - .48(P2,T)/2.1(I,S) AMP per lamp Accessory: Lamp: Red 52922 Magnetic Mount: 43300 Plug: 82-1021 Vehicle Socket: 82-1020