Grote Hi Count® Square-Corner 13-Diode LED Lamp G4602


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Part Number: GR-G4602 Grote Part Number: G4602 Features LED Red Hi Count Square-Corner 13-Diode Lamp

Hi Count® Square-Corner 13-Diode LED Lamp GR-G4602 Grote G4602 PRODUCT NUMBER G4602 - Red Manufacturer: Grote FEATURES & BENEFITS • Molded snap-ring • Bullet-proof potted circuit board for total protection against moisture and vibration • Field-replaceable lens TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Material: Polycarbonate / Acrylic FMVSS: P2 Finish: Red / Yellow Voltage Amp: 12V / .15A Bracket: 43144, 43673 Lens: Red 91962 Yellow 91963 Clear 91961