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Magliner Handles

Magliner 301000 , Handle 11 Standard U Loop
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Part Number: MAG-301000
Magliner Part Number: 301000

Popular "U" loop handle is ergonomically designed to provide comfort to the wrist and easy operation of the hand truck. Learn More
Magliner 302297, Handle 35B Bolted Double Loop 55"
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Part Number: MAG-302297

55" bolted dual grip increases control and offers multiple hand positions Learn More
Magliner 301137, Handle 30 Welded Double Pistol Grip
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Part Number: MAG-301137
Magliner Part Number: 301137

52" welded double grip handle is angled out to meet the operator’s hands Learn More
Magliner 301129, Handle 25A Double Vertical Loop 52"
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Part Number: MAG-301129

52" double vertical loop provides the operator a comfortable grip in various positions. Learn More
Magliner 301127, Handle 13C Straight Loop 60"
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Part Number: MAG-301127
Magliner Part Number: 301127

60 inch straight loop handle w/cross brace and single pin Learn More
Magliner 301126, Handle 13B Straight Loop 55"
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Part Number: MAG-301126

55" straight loop with cross brace and welded pin handle Learn More
Magliner 300994, Handle 60 U Vert Loop
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Part Number: MAG-300994

No. 60 vertical loop handle has a slight bend to allow the use of Hi-U extensions. This handle is for 1, 2, 4, 6, B and C frames. Learn More
Magliner 30102, Handle 22 Standard U W/ Vinyl Sleeve & U Brace
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Part Number: MAG-30102

"U" handle with vinyl "U" sleeve; brace for higher loads. Learn More
Magliner 30100, Handle 12 Standard U Loop W/ U Brace
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Part Number: MAG-30100
Magliner Part Number: 30100

Basic loop handle with "U" brace for extra load support Learn More
Magliner 301008, Handle 19 Standard U Loop W Vinyl Sleeve
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Part Number: MAG-301008

U loop handle with vinyl sleeve for a comfortable grip and reduced user fatigue. Learn More
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