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Beverage Truck Parts

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Magliner Frames

Magliner 300001, Frame NO 1 Straight Back
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Part Number: MAG-300001
Magliner Part Number: 300001

Straight back frame to provide structure and support to the hand truck. Learn More
Magliner 300002, Frame NO 2 Straight Front
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Part Number: MAG-300002
Magliner Part Number: 300002

Straight lattice back for general use and transporting smaller packages. (B front-mount strap; 2 back-mount strap). Learn More
Magliner 300021, Frame NO 5 Curved Back
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Part Number: MAG-300021

Curved back* frame with molded cross members for transporting barrels and kegs Learn More
Magliner Handtruck HMK136E2G5
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Magliner Handtruck HMK136E2G5 Learn More
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