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Maxon Liftgate Parts

Designing and building innovative products and lasting customer relationships have made Maxon the leader in North America. Maxon’s products act as the critical and specialized off-loading link between delivery fleet equipment and delivery sites. Their extensive product line offers premier solutions to the distribution problems of some of the largest corporations in the United has what you need to keep your Maxon liftgates running cycle after cycle.

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Maxon Liftgate Questions? Give Us A Call Today!!  877-461-7911

Locking Cam Assembly
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Part Number: Max-264639
Maxon Part Number: 264639 Learn More
Maxon Motor, 12 Volt Direct Current 250093
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Part Number: MAX-250093
Maxon Part Number: 250093

12 Volt Motor with Direct Current Learn More
Maxon #8 Rubber Loom Clamp
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Maxon #8 Rubber Loom Clamp
214663 Learn More
Maxon .50 O.D. Bushing
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Maxon .50 O.D. Bushing
.049W X 1.00LG
253621 Learn More
Maxon .500" Bore Roller Yoke
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Maxon .500" Bore Roller Yoke
801412 Learn More
Maxon 030406 Roll Pin 1/8" X 1"
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Maxon Roll Pin 1/8" X 1"
MAX-030406 Learn More
Maxon 040066 Lock Nut
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Maxon Lock Nut
MAX-040066 Learn More
Maxon 12 Volt Solenoid 268029-01
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Part Number: MAX-268029-01
Maxon Part Number: 268029-01

12 VDC, 4 Pole Start Solenoid Learn More
Maxon 13" Stainless Steel Pin 280103
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Part Number: MAX-280103
Maxon Part Number: 280103

13" Stainless Steel Pin Learn More
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