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Since virtually all our power equipment is purchased from the deep south or west coast, the tractor / truck normally has 1,000 mile + road test just getting here. The driver is questioned as to power, road handling etc. before our mechanics begin their inspection and normal P.M. service. Our pre-delivery service includes one of the most detailed and comprehensive inspection and service programs in the industry and includes automatic transmission service including internal filters when applicable.During our normal pre-delivery service, we attempt to identify any components which are marginal and we replace or repair those components. The Purchaser must understand that there is no way to diagnose electronic sensors, ECM’s, alternators, starters, etc.Prior to being delivered, each unit is test driven with a trailer and inspected when it returns by a different mechanic prior to a final inspection and final test drive.

We assume each unit is inspected at the receiving facility and any defect should be reported to our facility within a couple of days of delivery. We also need to know of any defect reported by the driver when the vehicle is placed in service.

All this being said, these are not new trucks. If a unit is delivered and has a leaking wheel seal, a blown brake chamber, a leaking air line, we will pay for the repair. If the same unit operated for three or four months and develops a leaking wheel seal, a blown brake chamber or a leaking air line, we consider those items normal maintenance.

We will warranty (parts and labor) internal engine components for six (6) months from the date of delivery and parts only for a period of one (1) year from the date of delivery with a proof of completed P.M. service. (We consider “normal” P.M. maintenance on beverage equipment at three (3) month intervals). Electronic components including all components of Federally Mandated Emission Systems and “Collateral” damage is expressly exempt. Under no circumstance will a Warranty Claim be considered without prior approval by Abco’s service department.

If you have any concerns about any vehicle we deliver, please call Peter Kozub at (708) 417-0433 direct or our main office at (800) 272-2147.

Customer satisfaction is the greatest form of advertising. ABCO takes customer satisfaction very seriously.