GPST - Maxon's New Truck Slidelift Model
GPST Liftgate

The GPST is Maxon’s latest addition to its Slidelift product range. This Slidelift was purposely designed for trucks and excels in performance as well as compact dimensions. Featuring the unique X1 technology, the GPST utilizes only one lift and one tilt cylinder resulting in comparable fewer parts than other slidelifts and consequently less maintenance costs.

Gate Specifications
  • Lifting Capacity: 4,400 lbs.
  • Bed Heights: 38” – 56”
  • Weight: 1,654 lbs.
  • Platform Material: ST/AL
  • Platform Dimensions: 67” x 94.5”
  • Rear Overhang Requirement: 67”
  • Key Features: torsion spring-assisted Flip Over Section, Dual Cart Stops, Foot Controls, Warning Lights, maintenance-free Bushings, completely sealed Wiring Harness and a Handheld Control

State-of-the-Art Automation
Automatic tilt up and down at the surface level. The soft control allows for soft and gentle tilt movement therefore resulting in less risk for damaging load or platform. The controlled landing of the platform is a result of our 2-speed cylinder technology. Additionally, the double sliding cylinders secure a smooth, gentle and reliable deployment.

All GPST cylinder rods are nitrated. With sliding frame cleaners and steel sliding rollers, the GPST is made for the toughest environments and applications.

The GPST was designed with the operator in mind; the folding of the platform flip over section is torsion spring-assisted.

Quick Lock
The GPST features a unique locking mechanism. Unlike other similar models where rollers carry the load, the load is carried by the Quick Lock on the GPST. The result is less platform bounce movement when moving load from the truck to the platform and less maintenance costs.

Low Maintenance & Easy Installation
The GPST was built with the lowest maintenance need and cost in mind. The GPST is built with maintenance-free bushings and stainless steel pins.

The GPST installation is efficient and thus cost effective. The simple and fast installation consists of only 4 adjustable brackets (accommodating frame widths from 28” to 35”); it only requires 67” of rear overhang and can accommodate bed heights from 38” to 56”. The lowest point being only 14.5” under vehicle frame.

State-of-the-Art Electrical and Trouble-Shooting Features
The GPST offers state-of-the-art electrical and trouble-shooting features. For example, the service switch allows the operator to trouble shoot the gate and also to operate the gate if the main control fails. In addition, the GPST wiring harness is fully sealed.

Contact your Representative for more information on complete liftgate assemblies and your replacement parts.