Grote Industries has introduced its new LightForm Emergency Egress Lighting Film. The new product employs Grote’s LightForm to enhance vehicle safety, the company says.Grote Emergency Lighting

Until now, Grote says transit vehicle manufacturers and transit authorities have had few options for exit demarcation. Grote’s says its new lighting film provides all of the advantages of adhesive exit markers with the added benefit of being powered. The film is said to provide the kind of bright illumination that can help lead disoriented passengers to safety, even in dark or hazy conditions.

“LightForm Emergency Egress Lighting Film is easy to install, and unlike traditional lighting fixtures, requires no lens or bezel,” says Steve Green, business development manager for LightForm. “The highly advanced, thin-film, solid-state lighting device easily resists water and concussion and will function properly even after significant trauma. The product is so robust that it will continue to operate even after sustaining significant damage.”

Because it’s a film, Grote’s new lighting product can conform to the shape and contours of virtually any door or exit and its aggressive adhesive backing allows it to adhere to nearly any surface material, the company says. LED brightness is consistent throughout the length of the product and multiple modules can be daisy-chained together, minimizing wiring and harness routing issues. Grote says the lamps don’t extend into the passenger space, so they pose no hang-up risk or obstacle to egress, and they come in a variety of traditional colors including red, blue, green, amber and Grote LED WhiteLight.

“In an accident, a traditional lamp could dislodge or fragment, becoming a source of injury,” Green says. “Because LightForm Emergency Egress Lighting Film is paper thin and super lightweight, it can’t shatter, significantly lowering the potential for this egress lamp to cause injury.”

The new lighting film comes standard in a 12-volt version. Custom voltages and a 24-volt product version are also available.